The Party
PBS Logo and Flag

PBS logo
The SYMBOL and the BADGE of the Party shall be two hands clasped in handshake over the green map of Sabah outlined in bold brown inside a brown-sided square with the 'PARTY BERSATU SABAH' below it. The 'handshake' shall signify unity, friendship and cooperation among people of Sabah; the colour 'green' shall signify the wealth with special emphasis on the agro-based nature of the State of Sabah ; the colour 'brown' shall signify the fertility of its soil and the shape 'square' shall signify equality and justice among all the people in Sabah.
PBS Flag
The flag of the party :-
  • The part nearest to the rope is red which signifies courage;
  • The centre is white which signifies purity and superimposed with the symbol and badge of the Party; and
  • The end portion is blue which signifies peace and tranquility.






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