Malaysian prime-minister Najib Razak and faces volatile allegations of embezzlement, corruption and electoral exploitation that question his government’s legality. His party, the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) and Malaya itself are embroiled in conflict..

Concerns of financial mismanagement, are reportedly undermining financial organisations in Malayasia. Huge alleged sums in Najib’s bank-account (US$700 million) have produced shock waves. If true, UMNO leaders believe that the 2013 election created huge cash reserves which didn’t get distributed correctly.

The dilemma at hand is what Najib will do.  The global reliability in Malaya is really on the line, as-is its money, international trade and reputation.

Unlike his dad, the second prime minister Abdul Razak Hussein in Malaya, Najib is tainted by the whiff of scandal (please note, nothing has been proven yet).

Najib warrants a rational and neutral investigation of the claims produced. This could be done if unbiased people direct the probe. But as of late, it appears his strategy is to issue denials, participate in counter attacks and to delegate a friendly task force to research the matter. The possible lack of impartiality doesn’t help his credibility, particularly in global markets.

But UMNO, rather than Najib could function as the determinant of developments forward. The party is comprised of three stances:

  • these faithful to Najib and his patronage
  • these opposed to him, but reluctant to challenge him
  • these in the center, waiting to make sure they can shield their political and economical survival

Najib relies greatly on these in the center to keep the status quo. But Najib and UMNO’s future will be determined by the center one way or another. The people who will make the biggest difference will likely be senior frontrunners within UMNO and the heir apparents in the next generation.

For a replacement of Najib, most talk has focused on previous UMNO prime-minister Mahathir Mohamad.  He has in the past, been demonized by the folks he mentored. Yet you can find others that have sway who understand the seriousness of the dilemma facing Malayasia. These are the leaders who can direct the state away from the disaster.

There are inside UMNO a third team of younger leaders. UMNO Youth is split over Najib’s direction. Many leaders who represent the youth seem to be faithful to Najib. Some think that Najib can weather this catastrophe, believing in the bob and weave approach. But the others think it is among the very most dangerous political occasions for UMNO.

But from every every crisis there’s chance. Claims the resistance is disorganized highlight that the electorate don’t necessarily see a viable alternative. Former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is in prison and the fight inside the opposition continues to be about how Najib himself can be corrected, rather than to drive ahead the rules of reform that caused the issue in the first place. Style and power battles have paralyzed successful opposition direction.



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